Panos Aprahamian writes, teaches, and works with film and video. His work explores the spectral presence of the past and the future in human and nonhuman bodies, sacrificial landscapes, cultural practices, and social relations. He is a founding member of TEU: Time Extraction Unit.



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HD Video / 28’18” / Color

LanguageS: Armenian
Yabandjo is a documentary-essay investigating the remnants of a traumatic past in bodies consumed by history as an uncertain future looms over the landscapes they inhabit. Landscapes that are in the process of being transformed into what will no longer be recognized by the present, where the camera intervenes to document that which will soon be no more. The landscapes of Anjar, a small town in rural Lebanon only a few miles from the Syrian border and inhabited by ethnic Armenians where the ordinary and the uncanny meet in a border community in transition haunted by a dark past and an unknown future.