Panos Aprahamian writes, teaches, and works with film and video. His work explores the spectral presence of the past and the future in human and nonhuman bodies, sacrificial landscapes, cultural practices, and social relations. He is a founding member of TEU: Time Extraction Unit.



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HD Video / 3’39” / Color

Languages: English
In collaboration with Leen Charafeddine and TEU: Time Extraction Unit

The future collapses into the present and encounters a bulk of information containing a plethora of neologisms, descriptions, sketches, diagrams, and visions of microorganisms, climate phenomena, and forms of ecological collapse currently untraceable to any past or present occurrences or archives. Neologicon is an archaeological dig of memory from the future, initiated through the deciphering of scrambled bits of data, where the process of word-making doesn’t just mimic what it tries to describe but collapses into it.