Panos Aprahamian writes, teaches, and works with film and video. His work explores the spectral presence of the past and the future in human and nonhuman bodies, sacrificial landscapes, cultural practices, and social relations. He is a founding member of TEU: Time Extraction Unit.



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HD Video / 30’19” / Color and B&W

Language: Armenian, English
In collaboration with Yara Ktaish and Cadu Tenorio, Commissioned by Anthro Positivo

Just before the end of the second decade of the new Millenium, a pandemic hits the world, forcing people to retreat into isolation and trade their physical bodies with their online counterparts. She now spends her days wandering through her apartment like a fish in a bowl. He spends his time glued to canvases that have long abandoned meatspace for cyberspace. She moves in place. He is sedentary - at least physically. The passage of time is off-beat and the bodies retroactively reshape themselves with Instagram filters.